About Us

Established in 1959, Brighton Tree Specialists has built a reputation for delivering skilled tree surgery combined with a courteous service. We are a team of professionally trained arborists who use the very best methods and equipment to care for your trees, with minimal disruption to you.

We are fully insured and more than happy to give free advice.

“A member of the team came out to see me very quickly and I was surprised to receive a quote in the post the next day. The work was carried out promptly and I was really pleased with it. Not only did the tree look great, but the boys left the garden as tidy as it had been beforehand. A fantastic job all round. ” Mrs J.

  • fast and efficient service
  • free consultation and no obligation quote
  • environmentally conscious throughout the process
  • fully insured
  • quality workmanship
  • sensitivity to the surroundings
  • NTCP qualified
  • recommended by Local Authorities
  • CHAS certified

Environmental Policy

Brighton Tree Specialists is committed to protecting the natural environment. Our job involves maintaining trees to ensure their preservation, but we also try to have as little impact as possible on the surrounding landscape and to minimise disturbance to wildlife in their natural habitat.

It is our policy to recycle as much waste as possible in the form of mulch, chips and logs. Biodegradable oil is used for all machinery and we avoid out-dated practices such as topping, tipping and the flush cutting of limbs – all detrimental to the long term survival of trees.


Brighton Tree Specialists supports BIOMASS – fuel made from plants, trees and animal waste – turning our arboricultural waste into renewable fuel energy.

BIOMASS has the lowest capital cost of all renewable energies and wood fuel is a carbon neutral resource which can make a significant contribution to meeting the UK’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

We understand that by making environmentally conscious choices on a daily basis, we’re not only working towards making Brighton Tree Specialists a carbon neutral company, but helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint too.